Navdeep Singh

Product TPM, Facebook

I work at Facebook as a Product TPM, designing products and delivering services that bring the world closer together.

Previously, I have owned overall tech operations and preparations for large-scale events such as Prime Day and Black Friday for Amazon Detail Page worldwide, enabling 200+ services to render customer experience on Amazon.com. Before Amazon, I have designed and developed Audible's Content Management System and Audible's Publishing Tools. I have also worked at NASA with some legendary Astronomers as a chief programmer to build the software infrastructure for the large survey synoptic telescope being built in the world.



A video series about recreating popular UI with SwiftUI



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Snake - The Classic Game

The classic snake game built for iOS



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Remote Image URL with Caching in SwiftUI

Learn how to load an image and cache it from a remote URL in SwiftUI

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GraphQL Using Apollo and SwiftUI

Set up your environment to automatically create models from your server’s GraphQL schema

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GraphQL Multiple Search Filters and Case Insensitive Search

Learn how to create multiple search filters and case insensitive search in GraphQL

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Build a Bot using Node and MySQL

Learn how to build a bot for Slack/GroupMe/WhatsApp/Messenger etc. using Node and MySQL or any storage

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Setup Node Express Server to mock APIs response locally

Learn how to spin up a local express server to mock API response locally

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Fetch data from APIs in SwiftUI

Learn how to make an API request and fetch data in SwiftUI

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Save User Favorite Struct to UserDefault in SwiftUI

Learn how to save user favorite (likes) struct to UserDefault in SwiftUI

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Schedule Notifications and Add Badges to your iOS apps in SwiftUI

Learn how to schedule local notifications and add notification badges to your iOS apps in SwiftUI

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Sign In with Apple in SwiftUI

Learn how to implement Sign in with Apple using SwiftUI

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A Survey on Data Aggregation and Clustering Schemes in Underwater Sensor Networks

Int. J. Systems, Control and Communications, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2016

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A fuzzy logic-based clustering algorithm for network optimisation

International Journal of Grid Distribution Computing Vol.7, No.6 (2014), pp.29-52

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Machine-learning-based Brokers for Real-time Classification of the LSST Alert Stream

The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series

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The ANTARES Astronomical Time-domain Event Broker

The Astronomical Journal

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