I write about technology. My blog is focused on my experiments with SwiftUI, GraphQL and Cloud Technologies.

Remote Image URL with Caching in SwiftUI

Learn how to load an image and cache it from a remote URL in SwiftUI

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GraphQL Using Apollo and SwiftUI

Set up your environment to automatically create models from your server’s GraphQL schema

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GraphQL Multiple Search Filters and Case Insensitive Search

Learn how to create multiple search filters and case insensitive search in GraphQL

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Build a Bot using Node and MySQL

Learn how to build a bot for Slack/GroupMe/WhatsApp/Messenger etc. using Node and MySQL or any storage

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Setup Node Express Server to mock APIs response locally

Learn how to spin up a local express server to mock API response locally

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Fetch data from APIs in SwiftUI

Learn how to make an API request and fetch data in SwiftUI

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Save User Favorite Struct to UserDefault in SwiftUI

Learn how to save user favorite (likes) struct to UserDefault in SwiftUI

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Schedule Notifications and Add Badges to your iOS apps in SwiftUI

Learn how to schedule local notifications and add notification badges to your iOS apps in SwiftUI

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Sign In with Apple in SwiftUI

Learn how to implement Sign in with Apple using SwiftUI

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